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More than just paper.

Our card and paper are available in a wide variety of attractive colours and textures, ensuring you will find the perfect match for any craft project.

We also have sturdy, stackable storage boxes, pvc card boxes and resealable cellophane bags, which are ideal for protecting and storing cards, documents, photographs and artwork. In addition, there are self-adhesive book covers for protecting text books, manuals and alike.

Finally, we have a range of beautiful invitation cards, suitable for any event, and an easy-to-install wall sticker chalkboard for the home or office

Click on any of the images below for the full product listings on our Amazon store.
Gold textured A4 sheet of paper
A fan of nine A4 sheets of reflective mirror card in various colours
Eight packs of coloured tissue paper for crafting
Five A4 polyproplyene storage boxes stacked up
One pack of PVC card boxes to fit bookatrix cards
Five packs of A4 cello bags
Clear self-adhesive book cover suitable for text books and manuals
One box of beautiful invitation cards with butterfly motif and lace effect trim
Wall sticker chalkboard fixed to a lounge wall